We are experts in creating world class digital experiences. Focused, pushy and modest too.


We create world class digital experiences

From our studio in Edmonton, Alberta, Adventer’s ethos of building relationships (not sales targets) permeates throughout our client roster. Clients come back to us time and again, because we deliver premier results focused on business objectives; ultimately, great design that resolves challenges.

Our clients tell their clients about us. Then they tell their friends. It means we don’t need to advertise or brag about our portfolio, and we don’t need to grow super quickly. We just make great websites and happy clients.

Everyone who works at Adventer is exceptional – or they wouldn’t last very long in the team. Our extraordinary team of creative technologists, designers, developers and strategists make us masters of the web.

Driven by Objectives

We know we have created a digital success when we synchronize and satisfy both your business objectives, and the objectives of your audience.

We will help you to understand the harmonies between the two, to create a user experience that enables your audience to complete the task they need to (whether that’s buying a Superman t-shirt, or finding out more technical detail about your new line of cloud servers) and delivers on your business objectives.

Talk to us about your targets, and how you think they can be achieved. We’ll fill in the gaps, and make sure you are using the most exciting digital techniques available.

Digital Excellence

The only way to succeed digitally, is excellence throughout

We only work with people who are capable of delivering excellence in everything they do. All of our team are hand-picked and highly trained. 

The rule on excellence applies to our clients too. It is not a one-way solution of brief fulfilment or one-off jobs, but a collaborative effort, putting decades of marketing expertise at the heart of not just successfully achieving business goals, but exceeding them.
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