How-to video users might DIFY (Do It For Your) brand

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April 9, 2018

Among the vast array of content on YouTube is a select set of how-to videos. This type of video offers opportunities for brands to present their own products or let them be presented by consumers. The style of these videos is creative and free, ranging from branded or professional product reviews to user-generated reviews and unboxing videos. But that's not all - consumers show others how to cook, how to build or how to best clean up the garden after a barbecue. So, who watches this content?

First of all - viewers of these videos love infotainment and being creative, and are highly active online. They watch more (and longer) online videos than the average user and they also curate and create their own online content on a nearly daily basis. Even more, How-to Video Users are a large group: around the world, 2/3 of internet users watch YouTube at least once a week - just over 1 in 10 of those who watched YouTube in the last week watched do-it-yourself (DIY) or how-to videos. And all this makes how-to videos an appealing method for marketers and brands to find a focused and captive audience in the digital space

A custom analysis from the Consumer Barometer describes what content is most interesting to How-To Video users, how they access online content and how brands can leverage this valuable group.

How-to Video Users Seek Guidance And Infotainment

23% of online videos are viewed in order to learn something new

In general, 23% of internet users watch online videos because the user wants to learn something new - a number that jumps to 53%among those who watch how-to videos. This highlights the basic need people have to learn, to grow and to become an expert. People watch how-to videos for the same reasons they watch educational TV: the need for infotainment. Contrary to general TV viewership, how-to videos are typically watched in response to a specific need or problem and form an important opportunity for brands to reach those who purchased their product. Even more, 1/3 of How-to Video Users watch YouTube in order to find information on products they'd like to buy - a rate 3 times higher than non-How-to Video viewers.

How-to Video Users watch a range of YouTube genres: music, movies, comedy, technology, electronics and gadgets as well as food, cooking and recipes. YouTube is a favorite online video platform for many How-to Video Users: 60% visit YouTube daily.

How-to Video Users Live to Create

85% of how-to video users curate or create content online at least once a month

As much as How-to Video Users crave guidance, they also like to be active and creative - 85% create or curate content online at least once a month. They enjoy sharing their own knowledge and creations online at least once a month: half of How-to Video Users upload photos via mobile devices, 25% publish articles online and 15% release their music online regularly. Their creative streak also allows them to curate content, especially in social media: At least once a day, 56% like or comment on a social status and 48% share social content, thus recommending relevant content to their network.

How-to Video Users Love to Talk About Brands

46% of how to video users like to talk about brands they love

The desire among How-to Video Users to curate and create authentic content is an important trait for brands. As user-generated and user-recommended content tends to be highly important to consumers, How-to Video Users are able to create, find and share this high-value content. And the conditions have never been better: How-to Video Users are brand advocates. 46% like to tell others about the brands they love. By involving How-to Video Users, great products can earn promotion- but weak aspects will be uncovered, too. So brands should be aware of the feedback they receive from How-to Video Users, and ensure that they are meeting the information needs of this group.

How To Make A How-to Video User Fall In Love With Your Brand

By aligning with the type of content How-to Video Users most enjoy, brands can target their advertising to this important group. What type of videos does this group enjoy? Authentic stories that enable them to interact with other users and see their product experiences. How-to Video VIewers are also open to longer videos (5-10 minutes). As many as 75% of How-to Video users watched online videos longer than 5 minutes in the prior week, compared to just 60% among other users.

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February 14, 2018