Verb Logos

A properly designed logo is intended to express a brand. We love when they express even more.


How-to video users might DIFY (Do It For Your) brand

1 in 10 internet users watch DIY or How-to videos in a typical session.


Digital mom's and the online playground.

Over 70% of Digital Moms create or curate content online at least monthly. Converstions that used to happen while watching soccer can happen around the clock on social media. Do their interactions on the online playground help or hurt your brand?


The pervasive and persuasive Brand Advocate

One in three Internet uses fits the brand advocacy criteria. Are you aware how they're affecting your business?


YouTube vs Onsite: defining the best platform to increase sales.

There is a tradeoff of posting video directly to your site (onsite) versus uploading it to YouTube. Your customer's loyalty and short term marketing goals will help you decide which is best for your organization.


What does Facebook’s newsfeed update mean for your brand?

Earlier this month, Facebook announced a change to its algorithm which will see newsfeeds prioritize personal content rather than posts from businesses, no matter how relatable or funny it may be.


Understanding Consumer Behaviour

Online search and advertising are driving more and more in-store and online sales, but the path to purchase is ever more complex, with people using multiple devices across channels.


Remember to smile

When you are communicating with your customers your brand should have a positive tone.


Create What You Feel

Inspiration from wrdsmth about creating what you feel.


I don’t even know what a Mock Turtle is.

Voice and tone are mega important when messaging your customers. Put the best foot forward.

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